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Author Chuck Sperati

Hi, I’m Chuck. Welcome to my site aptly named Writing Distracted. Among other things, I’m a writer, and this site contains the stories that crawled out of my imagination and onto the page. There are sections for published work, writing and story blogs, and Star Wars short stories (one of which was published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal).

There’s plenty to explore and I’m adding new content all the time. Hopefully, you’ll find something to enjoy. If you have any comments, messages, or feedback, hit me up on social media. While you’re here, take the opportunity to escape the real world, if only for a little while, and enjoy something that crawled out of my imagination.

Welcome to Coal Ridge

Set in a small Midwestern town, this is a series of intertwined horror inspired supernatural short stories that will make you wonder where the darkness ends and the light begins. All small towns keep secrets, but in Coal Ridge when the secret gets out, it begins to feed…again.

Click here to explore Haunted Coal Ridge, if you dare.

Under the constant threat of conquerors that may one day return, these stories explore a dawning era of galactic trade is being threatened by piracy and smuggling. Science fantasy at its best, whether you join a crew of pirates or try to maintain order with the heroic Marshals, fun and excitement await.

Click here for some space opera adventure in FreeSpace.

“They migrate, eat, and make baby trolls – that’s all they do!” Inspired by the works of JRR Tolkien, the epic fantasy world of Annerth has a long and bloody history, filled with monsters, magic, and battles between good and evil. Enjoy these inspired heroic and villainous tales filled with sword and sorcery.

Click here to adventure in the realm of Troll War!

Published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal and once part of official canon, these stories remain in the Star Wars Legends and explore different characters and stories within the Star Wars mythos. Getting the opportunity to publish a short story in the Star Wars Galaxy was a dream come true.

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