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I started telling stories at a young age. Teachers called me imaginative and my parents had no idea what to do with a kid who just made stuff up randomly. Seeing Star Wars in theaters in ’77 (yes, I’m that old) and finding Tolkien’s books in my dad’s closet made it worse. And then I discovered Dungeon’s & Dragons. That creative outlet allowed me to explore my imagination with my friends – I dove down that rabbit hole and never looked back. Although I still run tabletop RPGs (and always will), publishing has opened yet another way for me to share the things that crawl out of my imagination, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

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Join me as I talk about writing and try my hand at some serialized storytelling. And if that’s not enough, I also write for a professional blog at Clark Computer Services called The Clark Report. If you’re interested in computers, cybersecurity, or tips and tricks that are written at a level for everyone to understand, check out some of the links. I’d love to hear any comments or feedback your willing to offer. Happy Reading.
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Writing Blogs

Social Writing Exercises

Writing exercises develop and hone your skills between projects and can be a great help when you’re stuck. This week’s blog includes a couple of my favorite.

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Writing to Morals

Writing a moral lesson into a story is tricky. Too much emphasis and it’s heavy-handed, not enough consequence and it’s meaningless. How do you balance it?

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Finish vs. Polish

Every writer should know that while putting down that last line might mean you’re finished with the story, it doesn’t mean you’re done.

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Story Blogs

Part 37: Akenun

With the promise of the great wealth that Caraklin had supposedly amassed descending into a chaos of confusion, it seems that the wizard hid for a reason.

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Part 36: Iridescence

Finding the wizard’s Lair was supposed to be the hard part. Knocked back by the first obstacle, it seems that the challenges are just beginning.

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